Thursday, 13 May 2010

Pop over to Boo's place

Boo Hewerdine was the lead singer of one of my favoutire bands , The Bible. He has continued to produce fantastic stuff as a solo artist as well as writing for and with others and if that wan't enough he has also porduced one of favourite lps of recent times "The Last Temptation of Chris2 by Chris Difford.

Therefore every now and then I'll pop over to his website in the hope that a new release is on the way (despite it only being about 6 months since the last one) or he has put up a rare track to share.

On my last visit there was a bit of a nice surprise in the Boo has started a daily blog. No music , just random thoughts and very entertaining at that.

So go on give Boo a vists and lave him a comment. Boo's blog thing can be found here

I've posted an extra track form his solo lp "Thanksgiving" - this is available as a download on his website


  1. that is a very entertaining blog indeed, thanks for the tip. And I don't have that much by him, would you be kind enough to give me a few starting points when you have a free moment :)?

  2. Hi Greer
    Well there are 3 i would go for
    1) the Bible's (which was his main band) 2nd lp Eureka
    2) his second solo lp Baptist Hospital which has a fuller sound
    3)Thanksgiving which has a much more mellow singer songwriter sound

  3. thank you sir. I'll report back.

    I've been enjoying the downloads from his site too.

  4. Hi Greer

    I look forward to hearing what you think


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