Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Strange Covers - Steven Lindsay

I'm pretty sure fans of the Pixies and Francis Black aren't going to like this at all. Steven Lindsay was the lead singer of the Big Dish one of those bands that produced much better music than their sales suggested. When the band broke up he disappeared for what seemed like ages until 2 lp releases in quick succession, firstly "Exit Music" and then "Kite". Both were full of melodic downbeat songs with more than a little of the Blue Nile in them. Steven Lindsay's voice was as soulful as ever and his songs brought the best out of it. "Kite" however did contain one cover, The Pixies "Monkey Gone to Heaven"

The warm vocal is a million miles away from Black's vitriolic "if the devil is 6".

Strange but good

Monkey's Gone to Heaven - Steven Lindsay

You can buy "Kite" here and it is worth getting


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