Tuesday, 29 June 2010

2 for the price of 1 - The Red Guitars mark2

Yesterdays post was a track by Red Guitars and I mentioned that the band changed singer and in between their 2 lps and that as a result they sounded like different bands. I thought I'd take the chance today to do a contrast and compare with the yesterday's post

Red Guitars formed in Hull and early singles as well as lp "Slow to Fade" all did well in the indie charts as well as getting a lot of night time radio play. In 1985 singer Jeremy Kidd left and was replaced by Robert Holmes. The second lp released in 1985 "Tales of the Expected" had a much more polished, mainstream sound. The fact it is so different is still surprising as the guitarist responsible for some of the african style playing from the first lp was still there.

The band split after the second lp. With Lewis going on to form The Plant Wilson and Holmes releasing on solo lp "The Age of Swing" which was a pretty good lp.

I've posted the lead off single from the 2nd lp to compare with yesterday's post. I love the sparkly guitar although I think it was an odd choice for a single. It reminds me a bit of Prefab Sprout not in terms of style and definitely in terms of the vocals but it does meander along and take in some interesting diversions It also is one of those songs where there is a mumbled outro and not matter how hard I listen I've no idea what he sings

National Avenue - The Red Guitars

You can find the band's website here which seems to have wiped the second lp form history which is a shame as it has some great songs on

The 2nd lp is a nightmare to get hold of , however you can get the first here (it has the early singles on as extra tracks including yesterday's post "Good Technology"

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