Friday, 18 June 2010

Caterpillar to Butterfly - Talk Talk

A couple of weeks ago Monday Moments featured a track by Talk Talk and I wrote how they had transformed from clinging onto the new romantic coat tails to soundscapes and experimental music that stretched the definition of song to its limit. Lot's of bands change style but Talk Talk felt much more like a gradual evolution with each lp moving slightly further away from the pop structure towards something much more challenging

The first track is the almost break through single from the first lp "The Party's Over" and even in these early days the tone was downbeat and you just knew you weren't going to see them in a video filmed on a yacht

The second track come 9 yrs later from the final lp "Laughing Stock" and is about as different from the first on as you can get. Over 9 minutes of music that puts mood above melody

I have time for both but in between the 2 extremes they made one timeless classic lp "The Colour of Spring" which is one of the best produced lps I've heard.

You can buy Talk Talk's lps here , avoid the countless compilations which almost match the record companies stripping of the Smiths carcass and go for the main releases

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