Thursday, 24 June 2010

Feeling Grown Up - Tracey Thorn

For those of you that have kind of missed the downbeat acoustic music of Everything but the Girl when they discovered dance music, then you should really rush out and get Tracey Thorn's new solo lp "Love and Its Opposite". This really is an adult orientated lp and I don't mean in the sense of mainstream american rock, but in the themes that it addresses.

It looks at all the traumas and worries that middle age brings, from dealing with a hormonal teenager, to watching friends marriages disintegrate around you. The music is subtle without ever falling into the dreaded dinner party backing trackswith acoustic and electronic backing blending so well. The lp contains 2 covers , one fits perfectly to the extent that I had to check the credits as the lyrics are so in line with what Tracey Thorn writes on the rest of the lp. Only a cover of Lee Hazelwood's "Come on Home to Me" grates a bit but mainly because it feels like it has come from another lp

She shows again that she has one of the best female voices in music and is one of this county's undervalued songwriters with lyrics that show humour, nostalgia and regret.

If you go to her website here you can download 2 tracks from the lp including the best one "Oh Divorces". In fact the website is well worth a visit as it is jam packed with stuff including a monthly spotify mix tape that she pulls together.

The honeymoon, the wedding ring
The afternoon handovers by the swings

You can buy Love and Its Opposite here and this hmv version has a bonus disc of demos on it


  1. Bought the CD last week after seeing her on Later a few weeks back. Easily the best work she has done since the mid 80's. One of the finest female vocalists around - great to have her back.

  2. Quite agree.An excellent album.At last we have the follow up to 'Amplified Heart'!
    Tel Aviv

  3. Hi Scott and Phil

    glad yo uboth like the lp as much as I do, i just hope it sells as much as it deserves to

  4. I remember seeing them live for the first time at the ICA it was pretty packed , and Paul Weller came on and did English Rose , I think they only had about 4 songs back then , so i think they played a couple from thier solo albums that were out .

    Great new album , ' Hormones is very catchy , and 'why does the wind' too .

  5. I saw them live a coup eof times on the cusp of going dancey. Remebe being a bit surprised at how strong live her voice was


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