Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Here Comes the Summer - The Candle Thieves

I think I've found my soundtrack for summer (well at least until the Stornoway debut lp arrives). I bought this lp on the basis of a track that was on one of Word magazines monthly free cds.

"Sunshine and other misfortunes" is the debut lp of duo the Candle Thieves. The songs are pure pop but with the added twist of a casio keyboard and glockenspiel. Having grown up in the fens I can safely say that the band is one of the best things to come out of Peterborough (okay so there isn't much competition)

It is not all sweetness and light, as the sweet and sugary pop tunes hide some darker lyrics.

If anything they remind me a bit of a cross between Eels and the Lightening Seeds

The lp is full of the catchiest tunes that are just the right side of quirky. Be warned though they do tend to stick in your head like glue (and they are to be avoided if the 'rock n rawl' posturing of the likes of Kasabian is your thing!)

Go to their myspace site here and you can hear 3 tracks from the lp as well as getting a free download

You know we can't stay young forever

But we can stay young for the rest of our days


  1. I'm really enjoying this album aswell.On first listening I thought I'd be bored with it very quickly because it's so catchy,but I'm finding I'm enjoying it more and more with each listen.
    I likened it to Lightning Seeds meet Boy Least Likely To with the singer from Nizlopi!
    Love the line 'If you call me indecisive I'm not sure what I would say'
    Could well be my soundtrack for the summer aswell....all depends when I get my copy of 'Keepers'
    Tel Aviv

  2. Hi Phil

    i know what you mean I thought the same it was so immediate that i thought I'd go off it but I'm stillplaying it (helped by the fact that i bought a load of cds at the same time which are all on a bit of rotation)
    Having now got the Stornoway lp - well that is the new soundtrack for summer

  3. Very strange that you mentioned Stornoway.
    I was reading one of Israels national newspapapers yesterday,and as every Friday they have a top 10 new tracks listed and at number 3 was Stornoway with the track 'Zorbing'.Nearly fell off my chair!
    This means the album should be available to buy locally which is nice.
    Is it recieving a lot of air play in Britain?

  4. Quite a bit - they were picked by bbc as one of the 10 acts to look out for in 2010 which helped

  5. I bought the Lucky Soul album after hearing Woah Billy on that same Word sampler. It's pretty catchy too. I didn't even make it down to the Candle Thieves but I will check them out now.

    I wound up ordering the Stornoway CD from amazonUK because I couldn't wait :).

  6. Hi Greer

    sugarpop is the best way to describe them!


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