Tuesday, 22 June 2010

How it all started

I'm always suspicious of people who when you do the first single/lp bought question come up with something ground breakingly cool. My falling in love with music started in 3 places. My first single was Mull of Kintyre, how i loved those waistcoats and pipers on top of the pops. I listened to it again in prep for this post and I'm afraid can't find any redeeming features.

My first lp however, well that is a different matter. ELO were the first band I became obsessed with. I spent pocket money on all their lps and even bought the ELO story by drummer Bev Bevan (with a name like that he could only be the drummer), although I was a bit confused by the chapter on groupies

I think my love all things pop/orchestra stemmed from the semi novelty "Mr Blue Sky" and "Wild West Hero", both tailor made for a 10 year old who had had enough of Stewpot's family favourites. What a first lp to get not only was it a double , not only was it on bright blue vinyl (you can't do that with an mp3), but you got a cardboard model of the elo spaceship to build (what age were the record company people aiming for??) !!!

I fell out of love with elo as later lps just couldn't compete with the bright shiny pop music or the angular electronics that appeared in 79 - 82. However putting my music on the pc got me listening again. Out of the Blue is ridiculous, totally over the top but a classic.

I've posted the first track which is just an adrenaline rush. For those who may scoff give a listen to the second track and you can't deny Jeff Lynne knew his was around a pop song

"and you and your sweet desire

you took me higher and higher baby"

The third place is the fact that my mum and dad only had 4 lps. A copy of Abbey Road that they had borrowed from my aunt but apparently I had scratched so they had replaced it and kept the skipping jumping one. A Spinners lp (their version of Sloop John B knocks the Beach Boys into touch) and most importantly the soundtracks to Oliver and Jesus Christ Superstar (resulting in a long lasting more than healthy like of musicals and many a drunken argument claiming that Rice/Lloyd Webber maybe posh tories but also musical geniuses)


  1. I used to have that double album until, the cat clawed it off our turn table . Funny I still like listening to all those tracks on my itunes , even Xandau!

  2. Blimey xanadau - i remember going to the cinema and paying money to see that film .. worth it for the bemused look on all of the bee gees faces!


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