Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lazy Sunday - The Dream Academy

I first heard this on the Tube. They used to do a feature on new bands where the tube would fund a video and this song was one of the ones featured. At the time it didn't really sound like anything else. I love the atmosphere, the wind and the girls screaming when the Beatles are mentioned. It is also good enough not to be ruined when sampled in awful euro pop dance record


  1. I do like the dream academy , Nick Laird-Clowes I saw live in camden with the lilac time and he came back on and played with them for a few songs .

    Gilbert Gabriel has gone on to compose some really nice film music
    , he did a great soundtrack for ' breaking and entering '

  2. Thanks for that Jay. Didn't Nick CL record under another name for a while?


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