Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Life of Live Martin Stephenson and the Daintees

As I mentioned before I saw the Daintees probably 2/3 times a year when I was at college. this tour was to help promote the Salutation Road lp. The highlight of the concert was definitely in the encore when Martin would lead a massive musical conga through the audience with the band and an accompanying brass section (including a tuba), leading a mass sing along. the whole thing reflected the rootsier feel of the lp.

I also remember they had a backing singer and my she had a mighty set of pipes on her. she along with the brass section gave a lot of the older songs an interesting twist. I do think though that this tour and the relative failure of the lp the give him the break through , persuaded him to strip it all back down again.

I thought I'd post something a bit different this time in that support came from short lived Lovetrain. They released one lp "Human feelings Return" it is a bit of a patchy affair (and I remember when I got it being a tad disappointed as they sounded really good live) but does contain one great love gone wrong song.

You never cross my mind

Except around this time of year

When trees are bare and autumn rain falls down like tears

In posting this I relistened to the lp and it is a lot better than I remember. It is a bit early Deacon Blue and has some great songs on

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