Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday Moments - Lamas Fayre

I think it is always amazing that autobiographical , immensely personal songs can resonate so strongly with my own past. When that happens you can't but help to get a shiver. I don't know if it is a shiver of recognition, or some vague sense of loss of what cannot hoped to be recaptured but is filed away in the subconscious library only to be drawn out when pulled out by a trigger of an old photo, song, smell ,etc.

This week's monday moment comes from a track form Chris Difford's first solo lp. I was never a massive Squeeze fan , like the singles , had the greatest hits lp but that was about it. I bought the lp after seeing Chris Difford play live on a joint bill with Boo Hewerdine. It soon became my favourite lp of that year (apart from the fantastic songwriting the production is spot on and was a tad surprised to learn produced by an ex member of It Bites!)

Lamas Fayre is a track all about childhood and the family holidays that Chris Difford took with his parents and brothers. The music sways like the tide of the sea and my monday moment always comes with the realisation that although the location , memories and details are different ,the lyrics and sentiment pull my own memories of long car journeys and beach holidays with mum, dad and sister. No matter how many times I hear this song this realisation emotionally hits me afresh every time.

My father my mother my bothers and me

So young and simple in my memory

On a different note Chris Difford is trying something a bit different.

He is releasing his new lp in 10 weekly installments via a saturday morning music club. Each week for 10 weeks there will be available for download an a and b side as well as lyrics and notes from Chris on the song. I think its a great idea (a bit like the digital version of when Wedding Present released a single a month for a year)

I'm not sure of the cost but I'm going to sign up

You can sign up here

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