Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday Moments - Trick of the Light

Monday moments this week is from my second favourite Australian band and another who only had a fraction of the sales they deserved. This was the first track I heard by them and was the lead off single for the lp "Calenture" probably best known for featuring a song that was used in a Neighbours wedding (Harold and Marge?).

Listening to Trick of the Light again I still can't quite understand how it wasn't a summer hit. My monday moment is right at the start when the repeated guitar notes strike up and continue to weave in and out of the rest of the song. Although pushing a close second is when David McComb sings "Now you remind me very much of someone that I used to know" and you can hear the ache in his voice.

Looking back on what I've written it does strike me that both moments for this track are a bit weak - or at least not as strong as some of my previous posts. However I love the song. I think this time maybe the moments are tied up with being triggers for memories of summer 1987 in Leeds rather than shiver down spine moments in themselves. Even id the whole beats the sum of its parts it is still a top tune

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