Saturday, 12 June 2010

Singular Sounds U - Underworld

I am a prawn sandwich kind of fan of dance music. I tend to only like all the obvious tracks and here is a case in point. I'm sure Underworld have produced stuff a lot better than this but predictably this is the only thing I own by them. Like the rest of the plastic fans I heard it first as part of the Trainspotting soundtrack (I'm sure if I ever went to one of their gigs the real fans would be wearing whatever the dance music equivalent of green and yellow scarves are)

There was a period when if you went to a party it wouldn't be long before this would come on, there are only so many rooms full of people worse for wear yelling "lager lager shoutin" before the attraction wears off.

Anyway, despite this I still love the synth sound at the beginning

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