Thursday, 29 July 2010

Is this the Future.. I hope so

Every now and then someone tries something a bit different than the usual cd tour cd cycle. Radiohead got loads of publicity for the pay what you want release of their last lp. Just as innovative but with a fraction of the publicity is what Chris Difford is doing. He has set up something called the Saturday Music Club. Basically Chris was going to release his new lp "Cashmere if you Can" on a week by week basis, track by track for 10 weeks. For an upfront fee I'd get the lp tracks plus a "b" side e:mailed to me each saturday. All of these as a preface to the physical release. The price was a bit of a premium ( I can't remember how much it was but £17 rings a bell - hardly bank breaking)

Well the reality has exceeded expectations by some distance. Each week I've got the lp track , plus 2 other tracks, plus a video of Chris in performance, the lyrics and a short piece written by Chris on each track, plus some photos and some interesting web links. I can honestly say 5 weeks in and I really look forward to saturday when I wonder what the next chapter will have in store

The links tend to be to the sites of the various writers and muicians who have featured on the lp tracks.

The lp tracks have all been great so far , helped by some under stated production from god like genius Boo Hewerdine. The "b" sides are a great mixture. I've posted one from a discarded "trippy "lp that Chris has made (you get the feeling he has a treasure trove of unfinished projects and co ventures), a very different version of the Squeeze song "Take Me

So if you like quality songwriting then follow the link below and join the club

You can find a link to The Saturday Music Club Get Chris Difford's new album "Cashmere if you can"">here


  1. What a great version of a great song!
    Thanks for sharing that with us.
    Tel Aviv
    Currently enjoying the new I am Kloot album ,Sky at Night.My album of the year so far, but Trevors'Keepers' is winging it's way to me,so all might change!

  2. Thanks Phil - I've got the first I am Kloot lp which i love but nothing since then - will give the new one a go

  3. Love what Chris Difford is doing - signed up weeks agi & WORTH every penny.

  4. Hi Tim

    thanks for the comment - I hope it becomes a uccess and other bands/singers start doing the same sort of thing


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