Thursday, 1 July 2010

Life of Live - Aztec Camera

Aztec Camera's "Love" has come in for a fair amount of bashing over the years. I remember when I got it, I was desperate to like it that i really tried to ignore the over production (that has resulted in it sounding in places very dated) and the fact that it seemed as so many lps of the time to be aimed at someplace slap bang in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Listening back it has it's high points. I still love the debut single "Deep and Wide and Tall", Killermont Street is an echo to earlier times, Somewhere in my Heart is a classic radio single and some of the songs shine despite the production.

Live it really came to life, stripped of the over production and played with amazing energy the songs didn't seem like poor relations of the earlier stuff. I remember Roddy Frame really going for it right from the off. The energy was infectious and we were all swept along. It was the first time I'd seen them live and so didn't really appreciate what a gifted guitarist Roddy Frame was or how strong his voice was. Highlights were a never ending version of "All I need is Everything", the pure sing along of "Oblivious", a frantic "This Boy Wonders" and a hint of what "Love" could have been with the simple band version of the following.

Ignore the polish and the shine, it is still a mighty fine song


  1. Now ,let me see.'Love'.9 tracks, 2 of which are probably the worst songs Roddy has penned and the production has dated terribly.So,why do I love it.Well, if someone were to ask me to name my top 10 Roddy Frame songs,5 of them would come from 'Love'.As you say, the songs are great,over produced, but still great.
    I'd have loved to have seen him on this tour but didn't get the chance.I finally caught him live in '98 by which time the name Aztec Camera had been abandoned.Saw him again promoting another great album of his,'Surf'.
    Tel Aviv

  2. hi Phil

    I agree Surf is great, it would be interesting to see ho whe would record the love songs if he made the lp now

  3. FORW,
    "I remember when I got it, I was desperate to like it that i really tried to ignore the over production." I did the same thing. The expectations were so high after the first two beautifully amazing albums. The over production is rather embarassing now but there's still a sublime poetry to many of the lyrics.

  4. thanks for the comments anon - totally agree about the lyrics , but then again, when has Roddy Frame ever written a duff one?


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