Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday Moments - Story of the Blues

This week's monday moment comes from one of those everything and the kitchen sink type productions that takes Phil Spectre's wall of sound ideal and then just keeps building. When I first saw this on Top of the Pops the power blew me away , that and the fact that Pete Wylie was wearing a white silk scarf and I think a red rose in his lapel.

At the time I had no idea it was an anti Thatcher moment I just saw it as some big romantic over the top gesture of sound. Even now I don't know if the strings come from a tinny synth or a quartet in full flourish , I'd like to think the latter.

It still is near the top of my favourite singles. I love the slightly out of tune vocals , the fact that it feels like the band are permanently on the verge of losing control and having the whole thing crash down around them. It always surprises me they get to the end unscathed.

The whole thing is a monday moment , but I guess it all starts with the first rush of those strings , synth or real.

Wylie almost pulled off the trick again a second time a few years later with "Come Back" but seemed to get a bit stuck as the other 2 of the crucial three raced ahead.

As a Postscript I often write posts a couple of weeks in advance and line them up as future posts... Great minds think alike (although my mind is not that great) I notice after I wrote this a couple of days later JC at the wonderful vinyl villian wrote about the same song and he too was stuck by the white silk scarf ! If you havent visited one of the best music blogs going then pop along using the link above


  1. The white silk scarf as a fashion statement.....I'm just glad no-one has the photos of me from those days.

    One of his versions of 'Come Back' in which he spits venom at acts on WEA, the label that had just dropped him, is priceless.

    And 'Sinful' is a fantastic pop song as well

  2. Hi JC

    glad the comment got through! I think those 3 singles are his legacy, wasnever convinced by all the heart as big as liverpool thing

    i remember the come back version you mention if i remember it has the quote "and even Nik kershaw canhave hits" or something. I've got the word to the wise guy lp that came with a free 12" must dig it out and see if it includes that version

  3. For me, two of Comrade Wylie's greatest moments are Hope (I Wish You'd Believe Me) and his emotional reading of Johnny Thunders' Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory. And I have to say the the greatest moment of my personal fandom came with getting stinkingly drunk with Pete and Josie Jones the summer they spent in NYC recording the Sinful album at the Limelight Club.

  4. Hi

    no that is a claim to fame -

    I haven't heard Hope for ages - so long that I can't remember how it goes!

  5. meant to say now that is a claim the fame - rather than no!


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