Thursday, 15 July 2010

Second Time Around Part 2 of 4 - Teardrop Explodes

The buying team at Boots went mad with this one. Spalding branch ended up with so many it filled all of the markdown bin for an eternity, suffering death by 1000 cuts until I bought it for 50p.

Teardrop Explodes first lp had seen 2 big hits, Julian Cope was forever in the music press including Smash Hits. and the lp was full of bright bouncy pop songs. stiffed.

This is probably more controversial than the soft cell post in that "Kilimanjaro" is a great lp. however I just love the fact firstly virtually every song managed to be both interesting and catchy at the same time. I've written before it must hold the record for most "ba ba da da's" as almost every song resorts to them at some point.

It has the amazing hit that never was "Passionate Friend" apparently written when Julian Cope was going out with Mac from the Bunnymen's sister.... just because he knew the lyric would piss him off.

However the clincher is that it has 2 beautiful ballads. The single "Tiny Children" (god knows what the record company were thinking of) and "Great Dominions". The lyrics are nonsense but still manage to seem amazingly deep. It did feel a bit silly singing along to "mummy I've been fighting again"

You can buy Wilder here and on a separate note you can also get Julian Cope's autobiography here which gives an honest and very funny account of how someone out of his head on drugs sex and excess (including not changing his leather trousers once during a tour of the USA) pulled off the trick of being a cuddly smash hits pop star


  1. It took me 10 years to really get into Wilder... Kilimanjaro was one of those records I took a chance on in the import record shop, along with The Bunnymen's Crocodiles and Wah!s Na=Poo-The Art of Bluff, and has been very important to me for 30 years now. Wilder just didn't feel the same, there wasn't the same magic as the debut, but as time has gone by and I understood more about Copey I see how good it is and how much it reflected where he was at. Reading Head On defintely helps too!

  2. Hi - I do love Kilimanjaro. But Wilder pips it for me just for Tiny Children and Great Dominions


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