Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Second Time Around part 4 of 4 - Flat Earth

This was another of those lps that the record buyer of Boots in Spalding obviously thought was going to fly out but ended up dominating the markdown bin for the next 6 months. In fairness, it did look likely the debut had built a following and the lead off single Hyperactive (originally written for and turned down by Michael Jackson) had given Thomas Dolby a hit.

I just think this is a gorgeous lp, with the cartoony Hyperactive about the worse thing on it. It was made in the early days of sampling when you got the sense that a lot of bands were playing with sound. Side one is incredibly strong with each of the 3 songs originally planned as singles (the plan was to move form the poppier to the more personal - although listening to them now you knew the record company was never going to go for that idea)

Dissidents sets the tone with sampled typewriters and snippets of a russian radio broadcast.

This was followed by the title track and still I think the best thing he has done. Finally the song I've posted "Screen Kiss". What follows is from the reissue sleeve notes:

"As an impressionable 20 something, i fell in hopelessly in love with an ex Vogue model, joining a long line of unfortunates that she chewed up and spat out. My femme fatale was heavily involved with the film industry which I aspired to break into but many of the other poetic touches were pure fiction. For a while we lived in a house high above Beachwood in Hollywood and there really were deer in the hills. But the abusive screenwriter husband, pill overdoses and golden surfer boys belonged to the same dream state as the ominous weather forecast and piano refrain that close the song "

You can buy the re-issue of Flat Earth with some great bonus stuff here

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