Saturday, 4 September 2010

brotherly love - Kit Clark

When I lived in Scotland I did a job that meant I travelled about most of the country, which had the benefit that I could rummage in second hand record shops in the cities and most major towns. One of my favourites was in Dundee where I discovered 3 early eps by the Pearlfishers and stumbled across this.

I was a massive fan of Dundee band Danny Wilson and since they broke up I had bought Gary Clark's solo lp and the debut cd from his brother's and other Danny member Ged Grimes's new band Swiss Family Orbison. I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across this ep by his brother Kit. It must be every music fans dream when purely by chance you come across something by someone whose music you like but knew nothing about.

It is a great ep overcoming slightly fuzzy production with a love of melody that typified Danny Wilson. The scary thing is how like his brother's singing voice Kit's is. Listen to Loren especially and you'd swear you were listening to a lost Danny Wilson track.

I never really warmed to the fuzzy guitar sound of the Swiss Family and feel it is a shame that the ep wasn't a prelude to a solo lp.

One of the downsides of the internet is that knowing about releases is just a google click away and that sense of excitement and discovery as you flick through the plastic sleeved record covers is gone forever.

So before I get too Nick Hornby on you, if you liked Danny Wilson then give these a go

Loren - Kit Clark

Baby No - Kit Clark

Come Back - Kit Clark

Men Without Women - Kit Clark


  1. A big thanks.I've been after these tracks for ages!
    Tel Aviv

  2. Cheers Phil

    I saw Kit in a duo support King L (still one of the worst band names ever) and they did a load of great songs but next thing I heard was that he had formed swiss family orbison and teh acoustic pop stuff he did that night never made it onto record

  3. You're the only other person I know who has a copy of this cd. I got mine in a small record shop in Wales. It's fantastic and would have graced a Danny Wilson album easily.

  4. Hi IFE - likewise I've never come across any one else who had it - as i wrote mine was hidden in the !2" section of a small record shop in Dundee (as Kit Clark is form Dundee i guess if it was going to be anywhere it would be there!)


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