Saturday, 28 August 2010

Former Lead Singer..... Roddy Frame

With the demise of singular sounds, it is time for a new theme. I've suddenly come to realise that a lot of the records I buy and concerts I go and see are by people who have brackets after their name. The brackets all say the same thing, "former lead singer of.....". When I first got into music I could never understand how bands could break up. Firstly who wouldn't want to be in a band so why on earth leave on and secondly I fell hook line a sinker for the belief that bands were made up of the bestest of friends who had grown up together. Big fall outs were for awful American giants and they weren't my 13 year olds idea of a proper band. If only life were that simple!

So anyway former lead singer begins with a bit of a cheat as it is Roddy Frame who was basically Aztec Camera anyway. Another quirk I have is loving singers who use band names rather than their own , I'm still a little sad that he abandoned the Aztec Camera name. The stuff he has done under his own name has all been good but the last 2 lps 2002's "Surf" and 2006's "Western Skies" are among the best things he has recorded. There is a sense of contentment and relaxation that feels like it comes from a sense of knowing that the days of Top of the Pops are over and he can just make the music he wants to.

I've posted 1 song from each of these lps - the beautiful breakdown song "Over You" (this is in my top 5 of the best songs he has ever written) and the chilled "Marble Arch". Roddy Frame seems to now spend his time as part of Edwyn Collin's backing band, supporting him on he road back to recovery. I just hope he finds time soon to record a new lp

"I heard you were round SW3 talking about how you were over me"

You can buy both lps here


  1. Roddy Frameis indeed one of the best singer/songwriters out there and 'Surf' is one of my favourite albums of all time ,but for some reason I can't get into 'Western Skies',especially the god awful 'She Wolf'.
    Edwyn said in an interview that Roddy wont be touring with him 'cause he wants to concentrate on his own album,so I would think there'll be something new from him next year.
    Tel Aviv

  2. hi phil

    i like surf better but still prefer western skies to frestonia

    good news on the new lp

  3. He is one of my all-time favorite artists. I am awfully pleased to hear about the new lp too! Of course I love Surf but I think Marble Arch and Rock God are among the best things he's ever written and I can't wait to hear what he comes up with next.

  4. hi Greer

    he is one of those songwriters I'd love to be able to talk to about his songs but would end up coming across as some kind of scary stalker!


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