Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Life of Live - The Bible

Before I went to poly I did 6 months voluntary work in Worcester. My first try at living away from home was in a flat above someone who thought we were spying on her for the government ans searching her flat every time she went out, next to a night shelter and opposite the Worcester sauce factory - I still can't stand the smell of the stuff

I bought lots of lps one of which was "Walking the Ghost Back Home" by the Bible - bought purely on the basis of a review that did a comparison of sounds like Prefab Sprout and Aztec Camera ,which guarantees my spending money on it. In those pre internet days tracking down lps on small local indie labels wasn't easy but luckily I stumbled across it in a great record shop in Worcester that also used to do mystery singles bags for £1. (it was the rush of gambling combined with music!)

This time the review inspired buy was a winner and I'm pretty certain I've got everything Boo Hewerdine has released ever since.

That September I started poly in Leeds and was really excited when I found out the Bible were playing live especially after I'd bored everyone by playing "Graceland" continuously for a couple of terms. (I think my friends hoped seeing them live would get the lp out of my system)

At this point I had a bit of reputation for liking stuff no-one else had really heard of and did play on the old music guru probably a tad too much.

The Bible were playing the dear departed Duchess of York , basically a pub with a low stage and bands playing most nights.

I remember the concert as being fantastic and feeling this was the kind of band I wanted to be in (although with a tad more sales and recognition!) However I do squirm whenever I think of it.

Before the band came on me and my friends sat at a table drinking and talking , with me boring everyone again on how the Bible were going to be massive and Graceland was a number 1 waiting to happen ( the record company when they were eventually picked up by a major obviously though the same as it felt like they re released it about 6 times). We all noticed an odd looking bloke in a long coat supping a pint of lager sat at the table next to us and did think long coat indoors? , drinking on his own? ?

Eventually the band came on , we stood up and shuffled to the front of the stage (it wasn't packed. ) my credibility took a bit of bashing when the bloke in the long coat said excuse me as he moved between us , jumped on the stage and promptly started singing. It was probably a good job I hadn't recognised him as Iwould have probably come across as some kind of deranged super fan stalker, much to the embarrassment of everyone involved. Maybe it also showed that Boo Hewerdine was never going to be a Bono (thank God)

I've posted an early b side from one of the many Graceland releases

You can read Boo Hewerdine's very entertaining blog here and buy Walking the Ghost Back Home here


  1. Is this the same High Wide and Handsome as recorded by Loudon Wainwright III?

    Good post, I first saw The Bible as a support act and of course didn't know who I was listening to so had to ask around until I found out. Then went out and bought the LP!


  2. Hi Phil

    afraid I don'y know if same version


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