Thursday, 12 August 2010

Life of Live - Marc Almond

I'd been a big fan of both Soft Cell and Marc Almond's first solo lp. By the time the lp "Stories of Johnny" came out it seemed that his chart days were behind him (except for hitching a ride of the strange I Feel Love duet with Bronski Beat). It was strange that a strange stop start song with a backing more akin to Burt Bacharach saw him back in the charts and has ended up (Gene Pitney duets excluded) his highest charting solo single.

I saw him live promoting the lp. I can't remember much about the concert, except that the place was packed with goths (seemed odd considering the music he was playing at the time) and a bit like Morrissey he seemed to feed off the adulation and energy from the crowd. The more intense the front frows got the more he thre into it

Stories of Johnny - Marc Almond

On a related note , for an entertaining scarily honest read you could give his autobiography "Tainted Life" a read

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