Monday, 16 August 2010

Monday Moment - Southend on sea

This Monday's moment comes form Mark Eitzel's solo lp "60 Watt Silver Lining". Eitzel is the lead singer of vastly underrated band American Music Club and on a songwriter who doesn't get half the recognition his writing deserves. He is kind of an American cross between Elvis Costello and Neil Finn and is owed a bit of a debt by The National

Today's monday moment is not the warm brass sound , the great lyrics but the realisation that someone who has released lps called "San Francisco" and "California" is indeed singing about being stuck in Southend on Sea!

"You said to me

You're from California

And you smile too easily"

You can buy 60 Watt Silver Lining here - but be warned this is about as chipper as he gets


  1. If You Want To Sea Southend on Sea Follow This Link

    Best WG


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