Monday, 30 August 2010

Monday Moments - Graceland

Last week I wrote about seeing The Bible live in Leeds and this week's Monday moment is from the single that got me into them. It is one of the best bits of intelligent pop going and should have propelled them to instant stardom.

The opening of some songs send a shiver down my spine no matter how many times I hear them. This week's moment is simply the first line of the song sung , a beat before the instrumentation starts. It doesn't stop there with the rest of the verse being one of my favourite lyrics, with the slightly awkward phrasing somehow adding to the impact it has on me every time

One of the few songs I can never become tired of

"Would I give you money
I don't know
The free est things in life are best and so
Put me to the test now
And When I die
Will you build a Taj Mahal
Wear black everyday of your life
I doubt it
You will never see Graceland"

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