Monday, 23 August 2010

Monday Moments - Oblivious

This weeks Monday Moment shares with "This Charming Man " my favourite ever guitar intro. Written when he was 7 or something ridiculous (it used to depress me somewhat that by the time I went to Poly Roddy Frame at the same age had already bashed out High Land Hard Rain and I'd managed a tune called Martin's Lurid Jumper with a trio called The Insistent Porpoises on a school cassette called Fenland Funland) the whole thing just shows what a God Like Genius Roddy Frame is.

I love the whole thing about it , guitars jangled, the lyrics ideal for pouring over searching for something that says something about my life, a chorus that you had to be pretty hard hearted not to sing along to and you could dance to it .. well kind of

My monday moment is that intro , which even now gives me a shiver of recognition when I hear it.

Oblivious - Aztec Camera


  1. As well as loving Oblivious , I also love David Bands cover artwork .

    at the moment i'm listening to Richard Buckner .

  2. hi jay

    agree with the artwork - i've got the lp framed on my dining room wall!

    there was a time when his stuff seemed to be on every other single release


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