Monday, 9 August 2010

Monday Moments - Once in a Lifetime

Another of my all time favourite singles. Every now and then something would be played on the radio that makes you stop whatever you are doing and think ..."what was that!" Forever linked in my mind to the video and David Byrne's southern preacher man pose crossed with John Cleese's silly walks. Watching it again , any effects that exist are a bit dated , what stands out though is that for a band effort, it truly is a one man performance.

The song itself is close to perfection , from the bubbly bass and synths that set it off to the slightly unhinged lead vocal , a chorus that lodges straight into your head and backing vocals that Eno has reproduced in every band he has produced.

My monday moment comes when it all finally gets too much and a breakdown ramble is preceded with a shout of anguish

"My God What Have I Done"

Ever since then every time I've cocked up I have had David Byrne shout those words in my ear

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