Thursday, 19 August 2010

More of the Future?

Nick Kelly used to be lead singer of one of my favourite bands the Fat Lady Sings as well as releasing two fantastic solo lps. I wrote about The Fat Lady Sings here as part of the occasional Bigger than the Beatles theme. I mentioned that he was doing something different with his new lp , a series of concerts to get feedback on different arrangements of potential songs for the new lp.

Well it turned out to be a bit more ambitious than that, a 9 month period called "gestation" and has resulted in the lp "9 Lives". I'll quote from Nick's website to give you the picture

"Its nine songs were recorded during the course of GESTATION, my 9 month live concert series, during which I worked with an array of different guest musical collaborators on different arrangements of my new songs, posting the results online for the public to listen to and give feedback on.

It's a live album of new songs (as opposed to live versions of previously released material). "

It is not due for release until the autumn but you can get a copy at his website here

Rather confusingly as the recording method has been so different he has released the lp under his alter ego Alien Envoy.

It remains to see if how it works out, if it suffers a bit of music by committee but if it is a good as this track also under the Alien Envoy monika then it should be a special release

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