Saturday, 14 August 2010

Singular Sounds XYZ - Yazoo

Another theme comes to an end , giving me sleepless nights trying to think of another one. To remind you this is a trawl through the alphabet with each letter represented by a band where i only have one thing by them.

The last 3 letters of the alphabet is the final single by Yazoo. Looking back I'm not quite sure why i haven't got copies of at least the other singles as I like them.

It has got a glorious eighties synth sound (did anyone write better plinky plonk melodies better than Vince Clark?) and a vocal that is tinged with regret , the fact that they announced they were splitting up when it was released only added to the poignancy.

There is still something about the way Alison Moyet sings " and anyway" that gets me

A couple of good Erasure singles aside I don't think anything either of them did again matches this

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