Saturday, 2 October 2010

Former Lead Singer Of........ Steven Lindsay

The Big Dish arrived in the late 80s following the lloyd Cole and the Commotions template of jangly guitars and lyrics with literary aspirations and images closer to the mid west than the M8. They made 3 great lps, finally had a chart hit with Miss America and then split up.

Steven Lindsay was the songwriter and lead singer and I thought it was only a matter of time before he made a solo lp. However the years came and went and nothing. In fact 11 years came and went when I bought the second lp from music producer and fim sound track composer Craig Armstrong. After Bono's guest appearance and tucked away as track 14 was a song with guest vocalist Steven Lindsay. Even then my hopes weren't that high. I did know that Armstrong had been a member of The Big Dish and so assumed it was done as a bit of a favour, I wasn't even sure when the vocal had been recorded and if it was just an update of an old song.

Luckily this was just a prelude for a full lp "Exit Music" that was released the next year. When asked about the gap, reasons were given about the breakdown of a marraige and the search for perfection. Both are evident in themusic with the jangly guitars replaced by a mournful minimalist approach that echoed the Blue Nile and downbeat songs crafted with vocals of pure meloncholy.

If that wasn't enough 2 years later saw a second lp Kite, the pace picked up a bit although it was still hardly a laugh a minuite.

You can buy his lps here (strangley Exit Music is available for next to nothing whilst Kite which got a lot more publicity even making the Times' top 10 lps of the year is available for silly money)

I've posted 2 of the saddest songs from Exit Music and the track featured on the craig armstrong lp


  1. Steve Lindsay has a voice that is as expressive as Colin Vearncombe. Exit Music is beautifu and Kite is also wonderful. Funny I never really got into The Big Dish - I have to revisit...

  2. Hi Echorich

    I really like creeping up on jesus but i think his voice suits the slower songs that he does on the 2 solo lps. Hadn't though of a comparison with Black before but i can see what you mean


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