Sunday, 19 September 2010

Lazy Sunday - Blancmange

Another Lazy Sunday and top of the shuffle pile is a bit of early 80s electropop. Blancmange basically seemed to have 2 gears, the ranting David Byrne of Living on the Ceiling . Blind Vision etc and the slow melancholy of Waves. This is one of the 2nd gear songs. That isn't a criticism as I like both types of song and it seems a shame they have turned out to be a bit of a footnote of those early synth duos, although for some reason they really irked Julian Cope who has a great rant about them in his autobiography "Head On"

What I like about it is as ever Neil Arthur's voice which hide the fact that the words ironically in this case don't add up to much

I've Seen the Word - Blancmange


  1. If someone were to ask me the best band I've seen live,I'd struggle to name one .There's been so many great concerts.If ,however,someone were to ask me the worst band,I'd say Blancmange without a doubt!
    To be fair it was in their very early days and they were the support band.
    I do have to say their instrumental track 'Sad Day'still sounds great today.
    Currently listening to the new album from'The boy who trapped the sun'Very good indeed
    Tel Aviv

  2. hi phil

    i can imagine live they may have been a bit of a disaster

    I'll give the boy.... a listen


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