Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lost LPs - The Beloved

One of the things I used to do when I used to spend an unhealthy amount of times in second hand record shops was to look for lps that didn't exist. A great example of this was after they split up I'd always keep an eye out for a third lp by The Bible. With the wonders of the internet I later found out that there was indeed a third lp that was recorded , rejected by the record label and therefore probably hidden away in some record company basement (apparently a lot of the tracks emerged on the later compilation "Random Acts of Kindness".

The internet became the place to find rumours of lost lps , I remember hearing a track from the record company rejected 3rd lp (with bands I like it always seems to be the 3rd lp) of It's Immaterial. With labels like Cherry Red I live in hope it gets a release

However to top it all on one random trawl through blog world I came across a lost lp by the Beloved "Flimflam". I think it was recorded at the cusp of when they stopped being a New Order sound alike and embraced the poppy dance sound that gave them their breakthrough.

I'm not sure why it wasn't released, or if it featured the original line up or the stripped down duo of Marsh and Waddington.

If you like either "version" of the Beloved it is an interesting listen and although the sound is still predominately guitar there are the seeds of the dance direction. I've posted what I think is the best track which has a more Ian Broudie feel to it

If you go to their website here , there is the full Flimflam lp to download plus a treasure trove of Peel sessions and demos


  1. thats quite a surprise to me , how poppy that sounds , I only know of the beloved when they did the dance stuff .

  2. Hi Jay

    their really early stuff is a much more indie feel - new order , railway children etc. This lp makes you realise the change was more gradual - the fact it wasn't released made it seem as if out of nowhere they woke up one day and went dance!


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