Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lost LPs - It's Immaterial

I realise it was a bit of a tease yesterday to refer to a lost lp track by It's immaterial and then not to post it (well I guess only a tease if you like It's immaterial and I think we are an endangered species). Anyway the 3rd lp was to be called "House for Sale" and this is the track I stumbled across. It continues the Blue Nile like low key style of the 2nd lp Song.

Apparently the 3rd lp was rejected for being too dark, which makes me want to hear it even more, especially if this track is any indication of what else was recorded.

New Moon - It's Immaterial (repost with new link)


  1. Cheers for posting this where might I be able to hear it?

    Listening to .....The Nocturnal Flowers

  2. Hi Anon

    apols had a bit of a tidy up and took the post down - will repost in this comments section later today

  3. ciidiiboy@yahoo.com17 September 2011 at 14:16

    Nice catches here, I've been a fan since hearing Driving Away / Push The boat was played by John Peel long ago. Have the 12inch singles of both Driving and Ed's. Did not have chance to get the album CD until I stumbled on it at a 2nd hand store in Malaysia! What a gem it is and jubilated feeling of coming across 1 in pre-internet age. Anyway, still missing Song LP and would love to sample the whole 3rd album. The 2 teasers sounds very promising. I got reasonable rips of Is It Alright and Just North Of Here, email me if you want it. Love to share with fans here.

  4. Hi Ciid

    the sogng lp is well worth getting it is out on cherry red records and you can get it direct from their website

    Still hoping the 3rd lp will see the light of day!

  5. There 2 lost albums worth of songs on grooveshark. Check them out:!/search?q=it's+immaterial


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