Monday, 20 September 2010

Monday Moments - All of My Heart

I've written before on how much I love ABC's Lexicon of Love here.

For this week's monday moment I turn to what is on most days of the week still my favourite single of all time. The 4th one from the lp it is the one that doesn't get played that much (poison arrow and look of love are the two that tend to get trundled out) however it is the track that I think is the ultimate abc song and the focal point of Trevor Horn and Martin Fry's vision.

The mixture of a poppy ballad, sweeping strings , everything including the kitchen sink production, a glossy sheen , high drama , clever clever word play - they are all present and correct.

The monday moment though comes at the very end, the song is all but done and dusted and yet it is as if the band and Trevor Horn knowing they have done something special can't seem to bring it to a close. For the last 90 secs the strings go on a wonderful meander, the bass and piano weave in and out of each other until and some mournful sax fades the song to a close

the kindest cut's the cruelest part


  1. a classic , I love ABC , for me it has to be date stamp from the lexicon of love .

    I'm listening to the debut album by Hurts at the moment , such a grower ! best album i've heard so far this year .

  2. I could waffle on for ages about how great the lp is

    I've gor the hurts lp on my wish list

  3. You nailed that ending of All of My Heart! For me the two extremes of Lexicon of Love are the defiant nature of Tears Are Not Enough and the complete submission of All of My Heart. Although Horne definitely got his fingers into T.A.N.E., it is not miles away from the original single and I believe is all the better for it. But All of My Heart is exactly what you wrote - the culmination of a vision between creator and producer.

  4. Hi

    it is one of those things we'll never know -ehat abc would have ended up like if they hadn't ended up being produced by Horn - you are right his version is not that different - not like the job he did on Instinction


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