Monday, 13 September 2010

Monday Moments - Comedy

How Michael Head isn't held up as a national songwriting treasure I don't know , although it may have to do with the rumoured on off relationship with heroin. Born from the ashes of one of my favourite bands "The Pale Fountains", Head and his brother's band Shack have been churning out lps of quality and distinction long before the Gallaghers got round to making a record. They have suffered from legendary bad luck , lost master tapes, record company collapse, however with the release of HMS Fable it looked like their time had come. For once with Britpop at its height their brand of melodic guitar music with a hint of 60s throwback was in fashion. Add to this fact that the lead off single Comedy not only was the best thing they had done since The Pale Fountains but the press and the radio seemed to agree and it was getting daytime radio play. As usual with bands I like the breakthrough didn't come and although a futher lp has followed you sense that their moment has passed and what remains is a core of fans who will continue to buy what ever is released.

When Comedy came out I was pretty sure it was going to be my single of the year. The melody and arrangement is one that Burt Bacharach would have been proud of. The lyrics are world weary, the chorus soars and the two brothers voices weave in and out of each other.

My monday moment comes in at about 3mins 30 when th emusic almost stops and Michael Head starts the first verse again, as his voice cracks on comedy the backing track and his brother's voice start to build again until the big final chorus. It is one of those osngs that the biggest compliment is that it sounds so like a classic that at forst you think it must be a cover version. A simply gorgeous record

The awful title belies the quality

of this unusual comedy

Comedy - Shack


  1. Such a great single , I love shack and the pale fountains .

  2. hi Jay

    cheers it is one of those mysteries of life how they dont get wider recognition

  3. indeed as you say , such a good songwriter .

  4. So that's who Shack are! I saw them supporting Moz or Gene at the Kentish Town Forum in 2000 and liked them so much I bought a disc on the spot (Laughter Lines). Incredible voice, incredible.

  5. Hi Obscurity

    That would have a been a great line up with either mozza or Gene

    friend of rachel worth


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