Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My indie past - Blueboy

On one hand I like my indie music to have loud fast guitars but on the other hand I am partial to a bit of twee. Typical of the Sarah records roster is Blueboy, guitars jangle, a girls vocal duets with a boys (always slightly out of tune) on songs of angst and love (usually of the unrequited kind)

I only own the one lp the above "If wishes were horses" as well as a few singles. The track I'm posting is featured on the lp "Unisex", although the version posted comes from a Sarah records compilation "There and Back Again".

Formed in Reading by Keith Girdler and Paul Stewart they were soon joined by Harvey Williams (who went on to form Sarah stalwarts The Field Mice and Another Sunny Day) as well as Gemma Townlet. It is the cello on this track that lifts it above the usual Sarah fare. There is something quintessentially English about Blueboy, and this is an English summer of a song.

Sadly Keith Girdler died of cancer in 1997.

You can find a full discography for the band on their unofficial website here

"Of course it is not love

But I'm not choosy"

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