Saturday, 11 September 2010

New Music - Stars

I've written about Stars before here and after last year's break through lp In Our Bedroom After the War distinctly failed to breakthrough they retreated to lick their wounds and turn up the pop quota. In the past they have been described as a cross between Prefab Sprout, New Order and St Etienne with a dash of the Smiths thrown in for good measure.

The lp "5 Ghosts" hits all these touch points during the 11 songs but the emphasis this time is on smoothing off the rough edges and creating songs full of catchy melodies and hooks. The boy/girl vocals are still there and the occaisional fuzzy guitar although keyboards are more to the fore and you feel if some of these songs don't bring them a wider audience then nothing will.

I've posted the opening and for me the stand out track although in fairness there are only a couple of misses on the lp. Like some 80s pop they may be too sickly sweet for some people but if the combination I mentioned intrigues then give it a listen

Dead Hearts - Stars

You can buy 5 Ghosts here

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