Friday, 5 November 2010

Latest offering - Blue Nile

The final offering in Blue Nile week comes from the latest lp "High" released in 2004 it marks a return to more of the sound of Hats rather than the previous lp Peace at Last released 8 years earlier. I've posted the lead off track which typifies an almost tonal approach that drives a number of the tracks.

With only 6 years since the release of High I'm not holding my breath for any new material soon. Especially as the last tour saw Buchanan and Bell tour, billed as a Paul Buchanan solo tour. This was because Moore has left the band and out of rep sect to him they felt they couldn't tour as the Blue Nile. All of which doesn't suggest a rush of activity any time soon... still I live in hope

The Days of Our Lives - The Blue Nile

You can buy all of the Blue Nile's lps here. Reflecting back on the 33 lp tracks I realised that despite the long gestation period between lps , there are still, certainly in the last 2 lps, 2/3 songs that I could take or leave. However, the thing with the Blue Nile is that when they are good they are untouchable and they are good for most of the time.

Also the first lp Walk Across the Rooftops is timeless and one of those lps that every home should have, for those times when what is called for is a bit of wallowing in melancholy


  1. Great feature this week!! I have to say that when High came out I was suspicious of where they might have taken their sound, but I was oh so pleasantly surprised that the beauty and romance that I so love about their music abounds. This might get me bashed as he is not everybody's cuppa, but I have always slotted The Blue Nile in with David Sylvian in my aurally categorized music collection (yeah it is a crazy filing system!) There is a shared understanding of the understated, emotions, melancholy and experimentation. I am now off to start a new iPod playlist!!!

  2. Hi

    I think the David Sylvian comparison is a good one


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