Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Life of Live - Julian Cope

Whilst I was at poly Julian Cope made an annual visit to perform live, he'd even be made honoury president of the student's union. Nation Underground was the follow up lp to Saint Julian which had got him back into the charts and on top of the pops. It was also full of bright shiny pop songs but came out to luke warm reviews and poor sales. The whole thing saw Cope abandon the pop wagon for good and start to make sprawling double lps the first of which Peggy Suicide saw him get the best reviews of his career.

My Nation Underground is not the disaster this all suggests there are some great pop songs on there but it does all feel a tad too polished and slightly soulless.

In all honesty I can't remember much about the concert at all, which in itself says a lot.

I've posted the lead off single and still one of my Julian Cope favourites


  1. I have to agree, My Nation Underground is really quite good! It always sounded to me like the record Julian meant to make with St. Julian because the latter really does feel like a push for the charts when I look back at it and MNU fits in better with his previous solo work. Don't get me wrong though, I really love St. Julian. I was so happy to see him get some chart/monetary recognition at that point in his career. And if I can digress a bit, my personal Merseyman Hero, Pete Wylie got in some good music and sales at about the same time with Sinful. The track, If I Love You, is one of my favorites of the 80's!

  2. Hi

    Sinful is indeed a top track - i need to check out If i Love you as I can't remember how that one goes

  3. It's the stand out track on the album for me! Full of Wylie pomp and emotion! One of those tracks that always make me wonder why he wasn't completely massive in the US and UK...and as "rockers" go, I feel like he is among the most down to earth that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


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