Thursday, 28 October 2010

Life of Live - Martin Stephenson

Having seen the Dainties a few times on what at times felt like a never ending tour, I was excited when leaflets started appearing in the poly bar advertising a solo Martin Stephenson gig. I think he was supported by Gypsy Dave Smith a slide guitarist who had appeared on a few tracks on Gladsome Humour and Blue. Without the band to play off at times the concert became more like stand up comedy as Martin started gently taking the piss out of people in the audience. A bit risky for a singer but such is the affection the audience held for him I think he could have come on, belched, stolen our wallets and we would have still called for and encore.

I've posted a track from the above mentioned lp. A great example of how he could write a song about something that was far away from what everyone else I listened to was writing about ( this time his relationship with his Grandfather) with lyrics that skated on occasion close to twee (sing little bird sing sing) and yet combined with the simplicity of melody and sweetness of voice ended up as something personal and moving

What's it smell off
Smells of summer

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