Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday Moments - If - Then

Monday moments and a bit of perfect indie pop. Iwas going to put on Happy Hour by the Housemartins but instead have gone for somethign I love that deserves a wider audience. Aberfeldy are a a scottish bands with 2 lps and another soon to be released to their name. I haven't got their debut which featured a line drawing of some mating lions on the cover (covers aren't their strong point see above!). I picked up on them with the 2nd lp "Do Whatever Turns You on" whcih was produced by Blue Nile producer Calum Malcolm (although their sound is a million miles away form the Blue Nile).

They specialise in 3 min pop songs with catchy hooks with a timeless feel that they could have been recorded anytime in the last 20 years.

My monday moment comes from "If Then", under 3 mins as all great pop songs should be. A joyous love song and my moment comes from the "I love you, I love you I do" refrain as you can't but help believe its true

On a related note Aberfeldy have also released at one single with 17 seconds records. This is also the name of a great blog here. I'm a little in awe of this blog as not only it is a great read but Ed whose blog it is has also put his money and time where his keyboard is and set about releasing stuff he loves on his own lable defying the myth of "those who can't write about it" (although in may case as afar as music is concerend it is a definate can't)

You can buy Aberfeldy's 3 lps here

If Then - Aberfeldy

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