Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Moments part 29/52 - Let Me Go

Monday moments and this week a bit of 80s synth. This is the forgotten single , the lead off from the Luxury Gap and the one released just before Temptation. I remember seeing the video on the Tube and thinking it was a guaranteed hit (as ever it sunk without a trace) and just reinforced how cool long coats looked.

As ever with Heaven 17 the mix of synths with a guitar line works so well and there is a bit of a chanty chorus which you can't go wrong with.

My monday moment though comes at the end with a bit of half spoken/half sung nonsense that at the time felt loaded with meaning. It all just felt so epic.

Found guilty of no crime

They were the best years of our life

I'll turn the last card down


  1. Straight from the soundtrack of my life. I don't think I could survive without Let Me Go!!! I simply love Heaven 17 and am so annoyed with myself that I can't be in the UK for their Penthouse and Pavement Tour!! In NYC Let Me Go used to be one of those tracks that DJ's would play to cool down the night around 3:30am or so, but usually it would bring people back to the floor rather than nave the desired effect!

  2. I'm off to see them soon on the P and P tour - can't wait - there was a really good doc on here in the uk a coupl eof months ago about the making of P and P - well worth trying to track down over the web - had one gret bit where Geln Gregory straight faced asked Phil Oakey - "so phil who was better me or you?"

  3. I love how Martyn still refers to Sue and Joanne as "the girls" !!! You have my most intense jealousy that you will get to see them!!!


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