Friday, 19 November 2010

New Music - Unkle Bob

Four years ago Glaswegian 4 piece made for me both the single of the year in "the Hit Parade" and the lp of the year in "Sugar and Spite". With their perfect harmonies, acoustic driven songs and simply gorgeous melodies they reminded me of the kind of Scottish bands from the late 80s whose sound looked to across the Atlantic.

Well they are back with a new lp "Shockwaves" which again is partly produced by James guitarist Saul Davies. The sound this time is a little rougher round the edges has a rockier feel and is more electric than acoustic.

However what remains the same are the heart breakingly good harmonies , the knack of producing great pop songs with melodies that suck you in and don't let go. In touring with James they've picked up the trick of using a repeated phrase as a hook that almost becomes an instrument in itself.

The lead off single Satellite and it's follow up In My Head show case all that is good about the lp but for me the best track is Proud a ballad of sorrow and confusion.
"Stop Crying Stop Lying"

At first I was worried with reviews I read that talked about the more electric sound but having had the lp for a week now am glad they didn't try and do a Sugar and Spite part two. If you bought the first lp or just like your music with a bit of west coast feel (Clydebank or California) then give Shockwaves a go

You can buy the lp here
You can visit the band's website here where you can see a great video for the new single
Their myspace site is here where you can hear the tracks I've mentioned plus others

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