Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Perfect Hat Trick - The Waterboys

The opening track of an lp is pretty important to me , it kind of has to set the tone for what is to follow as well as grabbing attention. Back in the days when Mike Scott was making Big Music he managed a hat trick of killer opening songs, all of them born to be played loud

The opening track to the debut lp was the first thing I ever heard from the Waterboys, it didn't really sound like anything else at the time , epic rather than pop , rough rather than polished, it seemed timeless but out of tune with everything else I liked at the time.

December - The Waterboys

Whilst not having the impact of December, when Pagan Place came out everything seemed to be turned up to 11 , the ambition , the production , the themes. This really was big music with Mike Scott's voice doing battle with massed guitar and brass

The Whole of the Moon had already become firmly camped in my list of favourite eve singles by the time This is the Sea came out, so it was one of those times when I got anew lp , locked myself away to listen properly and immerse myself in what would come out of the speakers.

The mournful trumpet starts it all off until the song rushes out at you. The fact that Karl Wallinger has a co writer credit on it was enough for to go and buy his debut World Party lp when he split from the band

So there you go the perfect hat trick of opening tracks. Having said that the first track off the next lp was pretty good too , it just ruins the neatness of the post!

You can buy all 3 lps here

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