Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Strange Covers - The Colourfield

Originally recorded by Rex Harrison's son for the film The Thomas Crown Affair., I've loved this ever since I saw the film on the tele one sunday afternoon. The best version is probabaly the one on Dusty in Memphis , but the song is a great fit to what Terry Hall was doing at the time with the Colourfield's lp Virgin and Philistines.


  1. I love this version of a song that is one of my favourites aswell.
    Old Terry has covered some great songs.What about 'Close to you',All kinds of everything'and 'Music to watch girls by'.Great stuff!
    Currently listening to the new Outsider EP,'Outsider plays Sinatra'All great covers ,but in particular 'Gentle on my mind'is oustanding.
    Can be bought from CD Baby .Worth five bucks of anybodys money.
    Also must mention the new Starlets single.I have it on repeat on the mp4.One of their best ever.Up there with 'Give my regards to Betty Ford'
    Tel Aviv

  2. Cheers Phil some stuff for me to try - I've not heard the close to you cover

  3. Love this song bring back memories. Btw why the strange cover title?

  4. Hi anon

    apols I'm replying about 3 months too late - strange covers is just the one I use everytime I post a cover version. It's a bit of a running theme with some stranger than others!


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