Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Strange Covers - This Charming Man

A couple of weeks ago I posted a new lp by a band I really like called Stars. At that point I thought I had the 4 lps they had released. It came as a bit of a shock to find out there was an earlier lp that I didn't know existed.

Night Songs was the bands debut and differs in so much the keyboards dominate mainly I think as it was recorded when the band were a duo. Also there is little of the boy/girl vocal that reminded me of early Prefab Sprout.

As a result and the fact there lots of good but no are no real stand out songs, means it is a good listen but verges on the bland in places and the songs tend to merge into one.

However it does contain one very brave cover. It gets away with it by being so different but by sampling the guitar line recognisable at the same time


  1. you know I really like that , so different ! , I'll have a listen to the rest of the l.p

  2. cheers Jay - the lp is okay not as good as some of their later stuff


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