Friday, 1 October 2010

Whatever happened to.........Hal

Back in 2005 an lp was released by Irish band Hal. They had been signed by Rough Trade after one of those supposed record label bidding wars. The lp was full of melodic pop music with naggingly catchy tunes a kind of half way house between the Beach Boys and Lightening Seeds. They released a clutch of singles made a load of best of the year charts and popped up as incidental music across the bbc including match of the day


A new lp was announced for 2007, then 2009 and still nothing. I'm not sure what prompted what is becoming a kate bush / Blue Nile type gap but .......what has happened to Hal?

Play the Hits - Hal (produced by Edwyn Collins)

If you like these 2 then I can heartily recommend the self titled debut which is full of the same summery sounds and you can buy it here

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