Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Former Lead Singer of ... Dr Robert

Dr Robert was the lead singer of the Blow Monkeys who made a number of polished pop singles with smooth soulful,funk sound that often disguised lyrics with a real bite. When the Blow Monkey's eventually fizzled away he started to release a steady stream of solo lps with a much earthier folky sound. He did start hanging around a lot with Paul Weller which did worry me that his debut would be a bit dad rock. However Realms of Gold contained some beautiful songs, mainly driven by acoustic guitar and built around simple melodies and Dr Robert's distinctive vocal style

For some reason I didn't go for the next couple of lps but the4th lp "Flatlands" I couldn't resist simply as I grew up in the heart of the flatlands ..the fens and again the lp has a folky feel maybe slightly rootsier

I've posted one track from each of these lps

Sanctuary from Realms of Gold
Sky is Falling from Flatlands

Best place to start if you like these 2 tracks is this compilation

It seems like the solo stuff is on hold for now as the Blow Monkeys have reformed and about to release their 2nd lp since getting back together


  1. Dr. Robert is actually responsible for some of the best tracks on both Paul Weller's solo debut as well as wife D.C. Lee's Slam Slam project from the same time. I wish he had stayed a bit more of an influence on Weller because somewhere along the line he morphed into Steve Marriot and I still haven't quite gotten back into him since. As for Dr. Robert, his solo material is excellent. I was a big fan of The Devil's Tavern Blow Monkeys reunion record and have high hopes for the new one which is near or completed!!

  2. Hi

    must admit don't have much time for Paul Weller after the Style Council!

    I'm off to Spotify to check out the Devil's Tavern

  3. I've managed to get hold a copy of the new album, Staring at the Sea (I am a lucky fellow)...it's one of their best, superb stuff, better than Devil's Tavern.

  4. Hi John

    I'm going to have a look and see if it is on spotify and give it a listen


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