Thursday, 18 November 2010

Former Lead Singer of - Neil Arthur

Blancmange were the 80s electro duo that lasted 3 lps and had about half a dozen chart hits. Neil Arthur the lead singer tended to have two approaches either the slightly deranged David Byrnesque of Living on the Ceiling and Blind Vision or the measured croon of tracks like Waves.

For some reason it took 8 years following the band's split for a solo lp to appear. Suitcase doesn't see a radical departure just an updating of the synth sounds, but it still contains a fair few great pop tunes and I always liked his voice even at its most manic

Breaking My Heart - Neil Arthur

I Know about You - Neil Arthur

Apparently the band have reformed and are touring, although Phil who often leaves comments on the blog has said that they are the worst band he has seen live so maybe just look out for any new material

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