Thursday, 4 November 2010

How it all started - Blue Nile

Today's offering is where it all started. I Love This Life is the debut single and the one that resulted in The Blue Nile getting signed by Linn records apparently to record a record that Linn could use to show off their hi-fi systems. It is about as jaunty as the Blue Nile get and you can hear the seeds of some of songs on Walk Across the Rooftops in there.

Extremely difficult to get hold of, I was lucky to find it in an Oxfam for the princely sum of 50p

The cover looks more like a release from someone like Yazoo. The single didn't lead to an lp and the band spent the next 2 years writing and honing their sound until Linn stepped in.


  1. 50p ! a true bargin ! , great single .

  2. Hi Jay

    one of the curses of the internet it has kind of made rooting around in charity shops redundant

  3. glad you like it - ist feels like a bit of a fore runner of stay


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