Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Life of Live - Bob

I've only ever seen a support act blow the main act away once (not counting when I went to see hurrah when they were bizarrely supporting pop will eat itself) .

For some reason I went to see 1000 violins at the now deceased Duchess of York in Leeds, I must have got dragged along by a friend as I owned nothing by them. They were awful and to give them the benefit of the doubt in the age of the internet I've tracked down some of their stuff and it still sounds not for me.

However the support band were brilliant - so good it even prompted me to buy an enamel badge with their name on , and what a name ...Bob , genius.

Right from the off their total energy married with infectious tunes just got the whole place dancing. They came out of the same school as 100 other jangly guitar bands. However they weren't a one trick pony, they had a variety and a sense of fun that were missing from these other bands as well as hooks to spare. The measure for me was when 100 violins came on the energy seeped out of the room.

I've posted 3 tracks , to show the variety and invention, if you listen to just one make it the stand out single Convenience and wonder why they never got beyond indiedom

Convenience - Bob

Daybreaker - Bob

What a Performance - Bob

They released a number of eps but if you manage to track it down "leave the straight life behind" is their main lp and a great place to start

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