Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Life of Live - Frazier Chorus

Support for yesterday's life of live came form Frazier Chorus a trio who specialised in dreamy pop with whispered vocals. They had already had a minor hit with Dream Kitchen. They released their second lp Ray (the first one was called Sue) at the time when the record company's answer to everything was let's get a remix and preferably a Paul Oakenfield one.

This is one of those times when they were right. I've posted the first 2 singles in remix form. Cloud Eight is the catchier of the two but it is with Nothing, a sugary tune , breezy beat , but despairing lyric that really works

Nothing (has been proved mix) - Frazier Chorus

Cloud Eight (future mix) - Frazier Chorus


  1. I've always wanted to listen to the 3rd album Wide Awake , many , many years ago when there were record shops our local indie one had a couple of copies but they sold out .

    I love 'dream Kitchen' , 'typical' and 'nothing's' a wonderful track .

  2. Hi Jay

    I did once have a copy of the thirs lp but lost it in a hous emove - it was a bit rougher and form what I remember patchier than the other 2 but I can't really remember any of the songs on it

  3. I love the use of synth from Madonna's Lucky Star on Nothing!!! Truly a Balearic classic!!!

  4. Now that's what I call a damned good gig ,Black + Frazier Chorus.Honestly wish I'd been there.2 of my favourite 80's bands in their prime.
    Tel Aviv

  5. hi Echo

    didn't spot the sample until you mentioned it

    hi Phil

    it was one of the better ones only beaten by edwyn collind and Rody frame and aztec camera supported by trashcan sinatras


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